The European Association of Science Editors (EASE) is an international community of individuals and associations from diverse backgrounds, linguistic traditions and professional experiences in science communication and editing.

EASE Council nominee

Nominated for ordinary Council member

Mr Michael Willis

Senior Manager, Researcher Advocate

I have worked within academic journals publishing for over 20 years, most of them at Blackwell and then Wiley. I have collaborated with journal editors, peer reviewers and authors, developing initiatives to support researchers in the peer review process. My experience is multidisciplinary although mostly in health sciences. As Researcher Advocate I explore how Wiley can improve the value of the service we provide to researchers. As a long-standing member of ISMTE, I am concerned to define and improve best practice in journal and journal editorial office management.

What can I offer to EASE?
I have collaborated on projects and resources relating to all aspects of the author submission and peer review process, especially the latter, in which areas of interest I have also published a few articles. I already contributed a chapter to the EASE Handbook, relating to journal editorial office management. I could contribute articles to future EASE resources including ESE and any possible future updates to the Handbook. I would be happy to be consulted by fellow members on any aspect of author interaction with publishers, especially in the processes prior to acceptance of manuscripts.

The Peer Review Committee would be a natural fit for me, and indeed I have already collaborated with a few existing members of the Committee on different research projects. I am also active on social media, especially Twitter, where I could promote EASE activities and resources, as well as ‘keep an ear to the ground’ on industry developments and initiatives that are of relevance to EASE members.

As a longstanding member of ISMTE, including being President in 2016/7, I would be keen to foster good collaborative relations between EASE and ISMTE, as I believe each organisation can benefit from the expertise and resources of the other. I already helped to establish this close relationship including facilitating joint conferences.

Finally, I could act as an advocate for EASE resources, such as the SAGER guidelines, within the community of publishers, in the interests of improving the quality of research that is submitted and published.

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