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Conference newsletters uploaded

The Poenaru Post is the daily newsletter accompanying the 14th EASE Conference, printed Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with a digital-only edition on Monday following the conference, to summarise the final day.

Our newsletter is named after Petrache Poenaru, the physicist inventor who created the fountain pen after making an ink reservoir from a swan’s quill during his studies in 1827. He seemed to be an appropriate muse to go alongside our conference logo, bringing our delegates their daily review of conference activities and Romanian trivia.

We have made each newsletter available here, as a memento for those who attended and as a summary of the events for those who could not be there.

Poenaru Post Issue 1. Friday 8th June
Poenaru Post Issue 2. Saturday 9th June
Poenaru Post Issue 3. Sunday 10th June
Poenaru Post Issue 4. Monday 11th June


Duncan Nicholas: (EASE Vice-President)

Sam Hinsley (The Lancet)
Ashley Cooper (The Lancet)
Kate McIntosh (The Lancet)
Jamie Lundine (Gender, Work and Health Research Unit , University of Ottowa)
Joan Marsh – Talent scout (The Lancet)

This page will also remain as a permanent fixture in our conference pages here

– Thursday 13th June, 2018 –

EASE Conference Fringe Event

EASE is pround to present a Conference Fringe Event, in association with the British Council and Scientific Organisation of Medical Students.

On 7th June, the evening before our conference begins, EASE President, Ana Marusic will be speaking at a forum hosted by the British Council in Romania and the Scientific Organisation of Medical Students (SOMS).

The lecture is aimed at young medical students, to discuss issues surrounding scientific communication, principles of research methodology, research integrity and peer review.

The event will feature a speech from British Council director Nigel Bellingham, contributions from medical students and early career professionals associated with SOMS, and a discussion moderated by Mihai Stancu, PHD candidate at Maximilian University of Munich.

This lecture will be promoted through British Council online channels as a fringe event connected to the 14th EASE Conference at the University of Bucharest.

Where: British Council Library
Calea Dorobanți 14, București 010572, Romania

When: Thursday 7th June, 19:30

Conference poster session abstracts

Poster abstract submission is now officially closed and the first abstracts have been posted to our website conference pages.

We have had a good response with 12 posters accepted, and authors coming from five countries in three continents: Chile, Germany, Korea, Spain, and Turkey to present sessions on assessment of scientific indicators, national author representation, nursing ethics, narrative reviews, and ethical guidelines.

We will still have room at the conference for more, so late applications could still be considered: interested authors should contact the Conference Secretary as soon as possible (

All those who have submitted an abstract should have heard from the Programme Committee by now: please contact the Conference Secretary if you have not.

EuroScience Open Forum 2018

Register now for the largest interdisciplinary forum on science and innovation in Europe! 

The EuroScience Open Forum brings together every two years the key players of research and innovation in a city that becomes “European City of Science”.

The 8th edition of the forum will be held from 9th to 14th July in Toulouse, France, European City of Science 2018.

ESOF 2018 is a unique space for exchange and collaboration between: 

A confirmed programme of events has now been released, containing more than 200 conferences, workshops and debates on: 

Click here to access the registration platform

Benefit from ESOF’s early bird prices until April 14, 2018. 

PhD students, young researchers, this edition of ESOF is yours! In addition to the Careers programme, and the posters session, special fares have been introduced this year:
€50 euros for PhD students and €150 for everyone under 35 years old.

The organisers are also looking for volunteers to help with both the forum ESOF from 9th to 14th July and the “Science in the City” festival from 7th to 15th July.

If you can offer your services assisting with poster presentations, exhibitions, registration or technical aspects, check out the Volunteers page of their site

EASE Conference accommodation information

We have added information about accommodation for our upcoming conference, recommended by our local advisors in Bucharest.

We have arranged a selection of 3 to 5-star hotels, including daily transport to and from the conference venue should you wish to take advantage of it.

Our offers are available through a dedicated EASE conference page on the Holiday Office website. For details and links, see our Location & Accommodation Conference page HERE

EASE & PEERE Training School on Peer Review





TD1306 COST ACTION “New Frontiers of Peer Review”
PEERE Training School on Peer Review
15-17 May 2018
University of Split School of Medicine

With the support of EASE, the TD1306 PEERE (New Frontiers of Peer Review) organises a training school on peer review open to doctoral and postdoctoral students, researchers, journal editors and other professionals who want to improve their knowledge on peer review and learn about the best practices in the management of the peer review process.

The School will consist of a combination of lectures and practical work, which will include peer review tutorials by journal editors, publishers and leading scholars. The participants will hear about innovative models of peer review and discuss the managerial implications and new technology frontiers in peer review. Different stakeholders in peer review will have a unique opportunity to discuss the current challenges in peer review and look into its future.

The School Co-Directors are Ana Marušić (EASE President / University of Split School of Medicine, Croatia), Virginia Dignum (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands) and Flaminio Squazzoni (University of Brescia, Italy).

The school will take place at the University of Split School of Medicine, Room B102, Soltanska 2, 21000 Split, Croatia.

For further information, visit the PEERE website or email here

EASE Conference Abstract: Challenges of publishing in languages other than English

We have added the first full session abstract and speaker bio to our conference pages!

This honour falls to Maria del Carmen Ruiz-Alcocer, and her session addressing Challenges of publishing in languages other than English.

We will be adding more full pages of information for each session over the coming months. Each full abstract will be linked to from the conference programme in its’ own page.  Maria’s session is here, or you can read it in full, below.

Keep an eye on the website, or our Facebook and Twitter profiles for more announcements as we add new pages.

14th EASE Conference, Bucharest 2018
Saturday 9th June: 14.00 – 15.00
Plenary Lecture 3

Challenges of publishing in languages other than English
Maria del Carmen Ruiz-Alcocer, AMERBAC (Mexican Association of Editors)
Chair: Paola de Castro, National Institute of Health, Italy / Gender Policy Committee, EASE Council

The three most spoken languages worldwide are Mandarin Chinese (1,092 million), English (984 million) and Spanish (528 million). Science production is extensive. Not all researchers speak English and not all outputs will be published in major international journals. What happens if scientists do not publish in English? What are their options and challenges? On the occasion of his visit to Mexico, the unforgettable, late Bruce Squires called on us scientists to publish in Spanish. It has been a permanent dilemma since: should we publish in Spanish? In English? In both languages?

Most medical journals in Mexico are published in Spanish with, often poor, summaries in English. We are far from a satisfactory solution and fora like the EASE conference are ideal to find the best options on how to disseminate science to the greatest number of users all over the world. I consider the most important considerations are to be (i) research is carried out in strict adherence to scientific methodology, (ii) readers have access to all elements that allow them to know the scope of the research, (iii) researchers should publish in their original language, and (iv) the translator that prepares the summary in English should be considered as a key member of the research/authorship team.

Dra. María del Carmen Ruíz-Alcocer
Intersistemas Editors
AMERBAC (International Affairs Director)
WAME (Director)

About María del Carmen Ruíz-Alcocer

I am Maria del Carmen Ruiz Alcocer, I am Mexican and did MD from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM 1976-1980). I have graduate studies in Health Administration and a Master in Education. I live in Mexico City.

Since 1981 I have been involved in medical education, most notably the Coordination of the Mexican Television Center for Health Education (CEMESATEL) in 1989-1995; Medical Management (2002-2009) and Medical Director in LiveMed Institute (2009 to date), a Mexican company for Continuing Medical Education all over the country, working in face-to-face and online programs), Medical editor since 1995 in Intersistemas Publishers, a Mexican company founded in 1970 (journals, books, self-teaching programs, e-books and online programs) where I have been Editor in Chief, Editorial Director and now Medical Senior Editor.

I am member of WAME, since 2002 and member of EASE, the European Association of Science Editors since 2013. In EASE I am translating into Spanish the abstracts of European Science Editing since 2014 and now I am translating the Science Editor’s Handbook. For WAME I translated the Syllabus several years ago. In 2003-2005 I was president of AMERBAC (The Mexican Association of Biomedical Journal Editors) and now I am Director for International Affairs 2015-2017 and 2017-2019), and director-at-large in WAME (2003-2005, 2013-2015 and 2017-2019). I was Member of the Editorial Policy Committee of WAME till it was renamed the Ethics and Policy Committee and currently I am a member of the Education Committee.

PEERE International Conference on Peer Review

PEERE International Conference on Peer Review, 7-9 March 2018, CNR (National Research Council) Rome, Piazzale Aldo Moro, Italy

The TD1306 COST Action PEERE organises an interdisciplinary conference on peer review, to be held in March this year.

The conference aims to provide a forum for scholars, practitioners and science stakeholders to share evidence on peer review in different fields, e.g., medicine, computer science, social sciences and humanities. It aims to stimulate the use of evidence-based research in the design and implementation of peer review in a variety of fields and encourage more systematic research.

The conference will feature original research, position papers, literature reviews that use any method (e.g., quantitative, experimental or qualitative) to investigate peer review in a variety of scientific domains (e.g., scholarly journals, funding agencies, research assessment).

Topics that will be included in the conferennce will include:

•Quantitative and qualitative analysis of peer review in scholarly journals and funding agencies
•Estimating editorial and reviewer bias
•The impact of different peer review models (single vs. double blind, confidential vs. open etc.) on reviewer attitudes and editorial decisions
•Incentives, motivation and recognition in peer review
•Social network analysis of peer review and editorial policy
•Models and theories of peer review: principles, functions and management
•Applications of bibliometrics, altmetrics and scientometrics to peer review
•Perspectives from policy makers, grant funding agencies, libraries, and publishers
•Computer simulation studies of peer review dynamics and outcomes

Visit the PEERE website for full details and further notices of the event:

ISMPP Webinar – What’s Your Path? Career Development in Medical Publications

The International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) invites you to attend a special 90-minute ISMPP U educational webinar: “What’s Your Path? Career Development in Medical Publications”, on Wednesday, January 17, at 11 am EST/4 pm GMT.

This ISMPP U is complimentary and open to ALL regardless of ISMPP membership!

This special ISMPP U session is open to the public and may be of interest to students considering career options.  Within the medical publications field a rich variety of professional roles exists, offering many rewarding career pathways to pursue. In this webinar, experienced publications professionals will describe a range of typical roles at pharmaceutical companies and medical communications agencies, as well as key qualifications for these positions.

The panel will describe job change scenarios they’ve personally observed or experienced where people moved between related functions and settings, growing in leadership and responsibility.

These include creating one’s own role as a freelancer, consultant, or head of a small business.

The speakers in the webinar will be:

Lindsey Summers (Regulatory Affairs and Medical Writing Practice Lead, Ascent Life Sciences)
Mark Riotto (Director, US Publications, AstraZeneca)
Suzann Schiller (Executive Vice President, Strategic Collaborations, Cello Health Communications)
Brian Bass (Director, Bass Global, Inc.)

This session is intended for:

Click here to register, and you’ll receive the weblink to attend the webinar.

Click here to learn more about the program.

– Posted: Wednesday 20th December, 2017 –

HEIRRI Research Innovation conference & workshop activity

The HEIRRI organisation are preparing for a busy year in 2018, with a series of conferences and workshops around the world. We have added some of these events to our calendar.

First up, their 2nd conference in April will be titled “‘Education towards a responsible society, transforming universities through RRI”  Full details here

Second, in September, HEIRRI will be running workshops in Mexico and Porto Alegro, Brazil to discuss “Facilitating reflection on Responsible Research and Innovation“.  Check out the details of those events here.

– Posted: Wednesday 20th December, 2017 –