The European Association of Science Editors (EASE) is an international community of individuals and associations from diverse backgrounds, linguistic traditions and professional experiences in science communication and editing.

Conference Programme 2020

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Provisional EASE Conference Programme

Valencia, Spain – 11-15 June 2020

1.30pm-5.00pmWorkshops (to be confirmed)
9.00am-12.00pmWorkshops ( to be confirmed)
3.00pm-3:30pmEASE AGM (members only)
3:45pmWelcome address from EASE President
4.00pmKeynote speaker: Monica Contestabile, Chief Editor of Nature Sustainability
5.00pmTea break
5.20pm‘EASE Forum – Live!’
6.30pmWelcome Reception
8.00amAsk EASE: General discussion with members of EASE Council
9.00amPLENARY: Preprints and open peer review, Are they sustainable?
Moderator: Bahar Mehmani, Elsevier
10.00amPoster presentations
10.30amCoffee break
11.00amParallel session 1: Is the concept of predatory publishing built on western bias?
Moderator: Duncan Nicholas, DN Journals
 Parallel session 2: Do we need technology to be sustainable?
Moderator: Rachael Lammey, Crossref
1.45pmDebate 1: This house believes “all peer review must be fully transparent, names revealed and reviews posted”
Moderator: Ana Marusic
 Debate 2: This house believes “Editors should ban any citations to predatory journals”
Moderator: Herve Maisonneuve
2.45pmPoster presentations
3.15pmTea break
3.45pmParallel session 1: What environmental responsibilities do editors have?
Moderator: Stephan Mertens, Deutsches Ärzteblatt
 Parallel session 2: Metrics and open science – are they compatible? Moderator: to be confirmed
4.45pmTea break
5.15pm‘EASE Forum Live!’
6:15pmEnd of conference day
8.00pmConference Dinner
9.00amParallel session 1: Promoting gender, cultural and geographic diversity in scientific journals.
Moderator: Joan Marsh, The Lancet
 Parallel session 2: Do ScholComms need to be translated for all communities?
Moderator: Yateendra Joshi
10.30amCoffee break
11.00amParallel session 1: How should editors deal with research data?
Moderator: Remedios Melero, CSIC
 Parallel session 2: How do we ensure the sustainability of local journals? (panel discussion)
Moderator: Cem Uzun, Trakya University
12.15pmPLENARY: Meeting the challenges of publishing in a world of politicised science.
Moderator: Ines Steffens, Eurosurveillance
1.15pmPoster awards and closing ceremony
1:45pmClose of conference  

Sunday 3-6pm and Monday 9-4pm Workshop – How to be a successful journal editor: facilitator, Pippa Smart, PSP Consulting