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Tadija Milikić


FTIDI-Obnovljeni Život

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Tadija Milikić was born on the 28th of February 1965 in Derventa (Bosnia and Herzegovina), where he finished elementary shool. Secondary school – Archidiocezan grammar school completed in 1984 in Zagreb. In 1989 he graduated Philosophy and Theology in 1999 at Philosophical-Theological Institute of the Society of Jesus in Zagreb which is affiliated to the Papal University of Gregorian in Rome.


Post graduate studies finished at the Papal University of Gregorian in Rome: Mth in Moral Theology (1999) with topic: La legge morale naturale nel pensiero di Josef Fuchs. Due approcci alla medesima realtà: la prospettiva storica e personale (Natural Moral Law in the thought of Josef Fuchs. Two approaches to the same reality: historical and personal perspective). And Phd (2005) also in Moral Theology with the topic: Come interpretare san Tommaso in materia di coscienza? Un confronto critico tra le opere di Domenico Capone e Servais Pinckaers (How to interpret St Thomas in the area of consciousnes? Critical comparizon of works of Domenico Capone and Servais Pinckaers).


Since 2006 he has been teaching different courses in Theology at Theological Studies of the Philosophical-Theological Institute of the Society of Jesus in Zagreb afiliated to the Papal University of Gregorian in Rome and since 2008 at Faculty of Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Zagreb. From 2008 till 2012 he was a Main editor of the Obnovljeni Život (Renewal Life) – Scholarly journal for Philosophy and Religious Sciences, and from 2018 again has become the Editor-in-Chief of the same journal.


  • Obnovljeni Život