The European Association of Science Editors (EASE) is an international community of individuals and associations from diverse backgrounds, linguistic traditions and professional experiences in science communication and editing.

Interactive EASE


EASE Forum

The EASE Forum is open to all EASE members for the exchange of ideas, information and experience related to the world of academic publishing in science.

List Serv email discussion forum: Members can visit our forum page to find out how to subscribe HERE (members only)

EASE Groups Web Forums: We have specialist forums for dedicated topics, some of which are members-only, some of which are open groups for everyone to join in, posting any scieince-publishing subjects you wish. You can check the available Forums and Groups HERE.

EASE Strategy Groups

EASE strategy groups now have a home page with an overview of the topics and aims of each group, pages of activities and group members, and dedicated discussion forums.

Each Group is led by a “Chair” and a “Supporter” who must both be EASE members. Other members of the strategy groups can be non-members.

Visit the Strategy Groups page to find out how to get involved HERE

EASE on Social Media

You can also follow EASE on social media vai our Linked In group, or on Twitter. EASE has a Facebook group and a Facebook page. Our journal European Science Editing has its own Twitter account.

The EASE Blog

This is freely available at  It features short summaries of recently published articles relating to all aspects of science editing and publishing.  Selected summaries are published in the Bookshelf section of European Science Editing. Any EASE member who wishes to collaborate is most welcome: please contact Duncan Nicholas (