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This section of the Author Toolkit provides guides to help authors understand the peer review process, deal with reviewer comments, revision and resubmission of papers.

How to prepare a paper and respond to referees’ critiques and recommendations
Chapter 9 from the Publishing Addiction Science: a Guide for the Perplexed e-book provides practical guidance about what journal editors are looking for in a journal article (e.g., originality, sound methodology, good writing), and what to do when the editor asks for a revision.

How to serve as an effective referee in the peer review process
Chapter 10 from the Publishing Addiction Science: a Guide for the Perplexed e-book, addresses the topic of peer review. The chapter provides a thorough description of the peer review process, what journal editors expect from reviewers, and how to prepare a critical but constructive review.

How to respond to reviewers
A thoughtful post on the Eco-Evo Evo-Eco blog, distilling the authors’ experiences in peer review down to a set of guidelines that can help optimize revisions and responses to reviewers, to maximize your chances of acceptance and minimize the number of rounds of review.

Writing a response to reviewer comments
More useful guidance on responding to a request for revisions, from the Dynamic Ecology blog.

The dumbest thing I ever said to a reviewer
A cautionary anecdote from the Scientist Sees Squirrel blog, reinforces some sound advice on ways to respond to review requests.

EASE Peer Reviewer Toolkit
A selection of resources compiled by the EASE Peer Review Committee.