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Welcome to the EASE Toolkit for Peer Reviewers – a selection of resources compiled by the Peer Review Strategy Group.

The skill of performing peer review of another’s work take time and effort to develop, and are rarely taught formally. We have therefore aimed to provide a starting point for reference materials to help editors understand the process of peer review, so that they may confidently support both inexperienced and published authors with manuscript development and submission.

All of the resources listed herein are freely accessible, although most require creation of an account/logon. As members you will already have access to the Science Editors’ Handbook.

The resources have been divided into several categories, which are not necessarily exclusive. However, we hope that by organising the items in this way, you will find it easy to get the advice you are seeking.

General Tips
Tools & Checklists

The Toolkit includes materials from organisations such as Sense About Science, COPE, EQUATOR, and Publons, and publishers such as Elsevier, Springer and BioMedCentral.

As this Toolkit is a work in progress new resources will be added as we become aware of them. We hope that the more experienced editors who come to this page will spend a moment to evaluate some of the resources, and make suggestions as to how this Toolkit can be improved or expanded. Perhaps you have a favourite set of guidelines, or have written something yourself on this topic, which could be added to these pages. Please contact us through the Peer Review Committee page.

Disclaimer: these resources have been gathered together by the EASE Peer Review Working Group. Inclusion of a resource does not imply endorsement by EASE unless explicitly stated.