Important win for EASE Ukraine

EASE Ukraine has won a prestigious competition ‘Advanced Science in Ukraine’. This is organised by the National Research Foundation of Ukraine, a well-respected foundation supporting the development of scientific research in Ukraine.


Winning this competition will provide the funding for their project titled “Theoretical Foundations for Harmonizing Editorial Practices of Ukrainian Scholarly Publications with International Standards for the Competitive Integration of Ukraine into the European Open Science Area.”


The team behind the winning bid are Prof. Iryna Izarova, Chair of EASE Ukraine, Prof. Ganna Kharlamova, Dr. Olha Dunaievska, Prof. Maryna Zhenchenko and Mag. Yuliia Hartman.


‘Winning this competition is a significant achievement for us.’ said Yuliia. She continued


‘Our project aims to position Ukraine on a global scale, strengthen its intellectual capital, and ensure the dissemination of high-quality research. The goal is to develop a concept for the functioning of a scholarly publishing ecosystem within modern universities. This initiative will enhance Ukraine’s competitiveness on the world stage, foster the development of the national research space, and facilitate its effective integration into the European research area.’


‘We eagerly anticipate the start of the project and are confident that its results will significantly benefit the Ukrainian scientific community and promote its integration into the global scientific arena.’


Yuliia thanked EASE for its continuing support which, she stated, provided the team with the confidence and motivation to develop the project proposal.