Welcome to the pages of the Gender Policy Committee. From this page you can read about the SAGER Guidelines and our activities and achievements in the field of gender policy. We encourage you to implement the Guidelines in your own organisation/journal and thereby join our ever expanding list of those who have already endorsed and adopted them.

You can search through the resources we’ve created ourselves, and collated from respected industry sources in our resource library and look for upcoming events and activities. Take a moment to meet our executive committee, the members of our project groups, and join the conversation in our Community Forum.

About this Committee

Find out more about our Committee and its Project Groups, our aims and objectives, the initiatives we are currently working on and our plans for the future

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The SAGER Guidelines Project Group

This Project Group is focused on developing the SAGER Guidelines, and encouraging the scientific community to implement them in their research and publications.

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The SAGER Guidelines

The SAGER Guidelines are a comprehensive procedure for reporting of sex and gender information in study design, data analysis, results and interpretations of findings

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Committee members

Meet our Executive Committee and members of our two Project Groups

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Gender Equity in the Editorial Workforce Project Group

This Group is developing ideas and initiatives to tackle gender equity in the editorial workplace

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