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Join one of our virtual get-togethers to meet up with EASE friends and colleagues for a social chat. These are held regularly throughout the year, members register, and then are sent a link to join us either in our dedicated GatherTown space or via a Zoom meeting. Check out the calendar for dates and look out for an email from the Secretary.



Join us for our next Get-together

Communication channels

Tuesday, 19 December 2023 3pm UK

In our December Get-together Duncan Nicholas, EASE Past-President, will lead a discussion on communication channels, where we get our information from, and our changing relationship with social media. Come along and share your thoughts with other EASE members.

Discussion will be prompted with questions such as:

– Which social media platforms do you use?
– Are you still using Twitter or have you changed to something else?
– How do you like to get information; newsletters, word of mouth/staff briefings, blogs?
– Do you like long video essays, short video clips, written guides, infographics or does it depend?

Bring a friend – If you would like to bring a friend or colleague along to introduce someone to EASE, please email [email protected].


Past Get-Togethers have featured topics such as communication styles and practices and what makes good conferences.


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