Support someone’s EASE journey

EASE has operated a Sponsored Membership Scheme for many years. This is designed to offer people with limited financial resources the opportunity to join EASE by having their subscription paid by an existing EASE member. This gives those who might not otherwise be able to justify the cost of a subscription the chance to experience at first hand the benefits of membership and enhance their professional development.

It is anticipated that having experienced the benefits, sponsored members will be better placed to justify their investment in Association membership and be able to pay their own subscription in subsequent years. This enables the Scheme to be used to help more new people become familiar with EASE each year.

Sponsorship is offered to those from a Low-Income, Lower-Middle, or Upper-Middle Country (as defined by the World Bank).

For 2024, we are expanding this offer with several other categories, namely:

  • Sponsor a one year membership subscription of a particular person, or a role, eg the editor of a particular journal, price: £49
  • Sponsor a one year membership subscription  for someone from a specific category, e.g. women in developing countries, someone from your own country or discipline, a student, price: £49
  • Sponsor someone to attend an EASE event, e.g. a conference, training course or webinar, price: at the lowest rate for the chosen event
  • Sponsor someone to receive a Conference Packet or Resource, price: 50% of product price.
  • Donate a cash amount of your choice to the EASE sponsorship fund.

If you would like to support EASE in this way, please contact the EASE Secretary. 

Apply to be sponsored

If you would like to apply to be sponsored by an EASE member, please visit our Sponsored Membership Scheme page.