History of EASE since its creation in 1982

EASE was formed in May 1982 at Pau, France, from the amalgamation of the European Life Science Editors’ Association (ELSE) and the European Association of Earth Science Editors (Editerra).

Read about the origins of EASE in these articles:

History of Editerra and its amalgamation with ELSE by past EASE President, John Glen

Origins of EASE by EASE Secretary/Treasurer Maeve O’Connor, 2012

Read the poem written by Nancy Morris, Secretary of Editerra and then ELSE on the creation of EASE in 1982  Ponderings on Pau.


A detailed history of Editerra/EAEBP/ELSE/EASE from 1982 to 2012 was compiled by Maeve O’Connor

A detailed history of EASE from 2012-2023 was compiled by Mary Hodgson and Joan Marsh (this will be available shortly)




Please visit our photo gallery where we have collated photos from a number of Conferences and EASE events from our beginnings in 1982 to the present day. If you have any photos or memorabilia of your time with EASE, please contact the Secretary

EASE Presidents 1982-2023

EASE’s first President was Dr Stephen Lock appointed when EASE was formed from the amalgamation of Editerra and ELSE in 1982. Presidents were rotated every 3 years, with Joan Marsh being exceptionally elected for two consecutive terms in 2009 and 2012.

In this picture taken in Bucharest at the 15th EASE Conference in June 2018, we see several of those who have served as President: Joan Marsh (2009-15), with newly elected President at that Conference, Pippa Smart (2018-20),  Ana Marušić, (2015-18), Duncan Nicholas (2020-23) and Cem Uzun, who is the current President (2023-25).

Please visit our Presidents’ page for the complete list.

EASE Conferences and International Events 1982-2023

The first EASE conference was held in 1982 in Pau, France. Since then we have organised Conferences and joint events across Europe on a range of issues important to the editing community. In 2020, we held our first ever virtual conference (forced by the COVID-19 pandemic). The 2021 conference was also held online, before we embraced a new hybrid format from 2022 onwards.

The two most recent conferences were:

See the complete list of previous conferences.

Anniversary celebrations

EASE 30th Anniversary celebrations

Reme Melero prepared a slide show of images to celebrate EASE’s 30th birthday at the 11th EASE Conference in Tallinn in 2012.

EASE 40th Anniversary celebrations

EASE celebrated its 40th Anniversary at the 16th General Assembly and Conference held in Valencia, Spain from 24-26 June 2022. Please view photographs from that event in our Gallery




Bulletins and Journals

Earth Science Editing

The first issue of Editerra’s publication, Earth Science Editing, was published in 1975. This Newsletter appeared twice a year (three times a year from 1981), By 1977 the Newsletter became Earth & Life Science Editing, with the words “and the European Life Science Editors’ Association” being added to the subtitle “Newsletter of the European Association of Earth Science Editors” in 1978.

Earth & Life Science Editing changed its title to European Science Editing with issue no. 27 and at the same time became a Bulletin instead of a Newsletter.


European Science Editing

From 1997 the Bulletin was published with volume numbers and continuous pagination for the year. From 2001 the Bulletin was published four times a year and continued to be distributed to EASE members and subscribers.

In 2002 it became a Journal. Council were fined for each time they referred to the Journal as a Bulletin!

A full archive of European Science Editing volumes published between 1986 and 2019 are available to download. Please visit our archive.



In January 2020 the Journal converted to diamond open access, with rolling publication on the ARPHA site, with Ksenija Baždarić as Editor-in-Chief. This greatly expanded the readership and gave our authors greater presence and impact across the scholarly publishing community. Please visit the Journal’s website.