Welcome to the pages of the Peer Review Committee. From this page you can read about our objectives and the initiatives we are planning and view our achievements. You can follow our guidance in the Peer Review Toolkit, check out the resources we’ve collated for you in our library and look for upcoming events and activities. Take a moment to meet our executive committee members and the chairs of the project groups, and join the conversation in our Community Forum.

About this Committee

Mission and Vision

History of the Committee

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Peer Review Toolkit

Check out our Peer Review Toolkit which provides guidance, tips and tools on topics related to peer review.


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Three quick-reference infographics matching the guidance provided in the Peer Review Toolkit, to guide reviewers, editors and authors around high standards of best practice and techniques of the peer review process.

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Committee Members

Meet our members.

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Upcoming Activities and Events
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Peer Review Community and Forum

Join the conversation with our peer review community in their dedicated forum.

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AchievementsSee all Committee Projects

Transparency in Peer Review

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