Mission and vision

The vision of the Peer Review Committee is to be the knowledge and experience exchange centre for all those interested in scholarly peer review.

Our mission is to provide tools, resources, training, and support to the scholarly community on all aspects of scholarly peer review. 


  1. Identify, create, promote, and collect feedback on peer review tools and resources that could be of use to the scholarly community. 
  2. Develop new and promote existing (high-quality) training opportunities for EASE members and the wider scholarly community.    
  3. Support the PRW Steering Committee, Regional Chapters, the peer review processes of the European Science Editing – EASE’s flagship journal, the EASE bi-annual conference, and the EASE seasonal webinars. 
  4. Engage with EASE members by promoting the Committee’s work, including them in the Committee activities, and providing support through the EASE forum.
  5. Present and promote the activities of the EASE Peer Review Committee through webinars, conferences, and events.

History of the Peer Review Committee

The issues of peer review are central to many EASE members. In 2017, the Peer Review Committee was established with the objective to propose good practice guidelines and provide support for reviewers of scholarly information. In 2021, and then again in 2023 the Committee was reinvigorated with added aims to collaborate with other organisations engaged with peer review issues. The work of the Committee is organised by a small executive, responsible to the EASE Council. This executive defines and develops the strategy and action plan for the Committee on a two year cycle. The work is then delegated to small project groups which have specific goals and deliverables. These project groups are generally led by a member of the executive, but are designed to be task orientated and time limited.  Previous achievements of the Committee are available on the Achievements page.

The Peer Review Community

Those interested in peer review are invited to join the EASE Peer Review Community. This Community provides the Committee with ready access to those most interested and knowledgeable in the topic, to receive and disseminated relevant information about the activities of the Committee and the work of EASE, to develop new projects, provide feedback on activities and generally act as ambassadors in the wider industry.