Peer Review Toolkit

The Peer Review Committee has compiled this Toolkit to provide some guidance on topics related to peer review. These resources have been collated from EASE’s own resources and from respected industry sources, with the aims of:

  • helping those interested in learning or expanding their knowledge about peer review
  • helping editors select and reward their reviewers
  • promoting and maintaining the ethics standards of peer review.

The resources have been divided into several sections, which are not necessarily exclusive. However, we hope that by organising the items in this way, you will find it easy to find the advice you are seeking.

General guides:

Guides for reviewers:

Guides for editors:


As this Toolkit is a work in progress we will be updating it with new resources. We also highly welcome your suggestions on how the Toolkit can be improved or expanded. If you have a favourite set of guidelines, or have written something yourself on this topic, please submit them to us for consideration by contacting our Secretary.