Being a good peer reviewer: Dos and Don’ts


  • Accept or decline in a timely manner and suggest an alternative reviewer if you decline
  • Consider potential competing interests before accepting
  • Be specific and support your comments with evidence
  • Be polite, constructive and professional when writing comments
  • Differentiate between essential and optional feedback
  • Raise any ethical concerns about the manuscript with the editor
  • Submit the review by the deadline
  • Consider opting in for the publication of the review.


  • Agree to review when you don’t have time or matching expertise
  • Write derogatory or unsupported comments
  • Request additional work out of the scope of the study
  • Request superfluous citations to your own work
  • Breach confidentiality of the review process
  • Take advantage of any information obtained during the review process
  • Include others in the review without notifying the editor or giving credit.