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Inclusive language in scientific publishing: Neurodiversity

Wednesday, 17 April 2024 Wednesday, 17 April 2024, 2pm UK time

A free, virtual forum presented by Cell Press and The Lancet

Join us for this hour and fifteen minute discussion exploring neurodiversity in science and the scientific community. Beginning with a short introduction to the concepts of neurodiversity and the social model of disability, speakers Mary Doherty (University College Dublin), Hari Srinivasan (Vanderbilt University), and Axelle Ahanhanzo (LAUDACE) will offer insights into making spaces safer for neurodivergent people, discuss intersectionality and neurodivergence, and unpack the importance of evolving scientific language to reflect lived experiences while ensuring rigorous scientific investigation.

Cell Press’s virtual event series on inclusive language in publishing brings together researchers and experts with the key perspectives needed to make science and the language of scientific publishing more inclusive and accurate. We’re now proud to offer these events—begun in 2023 as an internal Cell Press series to educate and support our editors and staff—to the broader scientific community. As an integral part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, these events seek to expand the reach of our speakers’ insightful perspectives and support our commitment to advocating for science and scientists.

Moderated by Matthew Gilbert (The Lancet), Sri Narasimhan (Cell) and Amy Slogrove (The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health), with panellists Axelle Ahanhanzo (LAUDACE), Hari Srinivasan (Vanderbitt University) and Mary Doherty (University College Dublin), this event will feature three short talks from our panelists, followed by time for discussion and questions.