EASE India webinar – Good scientific practice and research integrity: building trust in Science

The International Journal of Cancer (IJC) is the official journal of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). It has a global readership and receives over 3,000 submissions a year under a broad scope of topics relevant to experimental and clinical cancer research. IJC has been a pioneer in the field of data integrity and pays particular attention to preventing potential scientific misconduct.

Manu Jain Goyal joined the IJC in 2022. Her main role is to ensure the integrity of research published in the journal by checking relevant issues such as plagiarism, paper mills, use of artificial intelligence, image falsification, and cell line authenticity. All of these issues are fundamental to maintaining the credibility and trustworthiness of research. The IJC believes that all parties involved in publishing should adhere to principles of integrity in order to achieve high-quality scientific publications.

In this webinar, Manu shared her understanding and experience of research integrity at the IJC with members of EASE India.

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