The Lancet and colonialism: past, present, and future

Medical and health journals, including The Lancet, have historically supported colonial practices by promoting the idea that colonized peoples’ knowledge and ways of being are inferior. This invited Viewpoint highlights The Lancet’s 200-year history and its ongoing global influence in perpetuating specific perspectives in health and medicine. The authors provide examples of how The Lancet has legitimized certain types of knowledge while marginalizing others. This analysis calls for broader scrutiny and debate on the practices and ownership of journals that claim leadership in global knowledge production.

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Recommended on behalf of EASE by Silvia Maina, Italy

Written by: Khan MS, Naidu T, Torres I, Noor MN, Bump JB, Abimbola S.

Lancet. 2024 Mar 30;403(10433):1304-1308.