Debating the future of physics publishing

Harnad J et al. 2007. Debating the future of physics publishing Physics World 29(3)22

Letters relating to the debate on the future of publishing (ibid. 29(1)13-36).
John Harnad compares two different approaches to OA, gold OA where the journal charges nothing for reader access and green OA where the journal charges for subscriptions; he considers gold OA to be not in the interests of the research community. Richard Reeves calls for reviews of research papers to be made available to the general public. Basil Polychronopulos considers the end of written manuscripts and the dawning of e-mails not necessarily a bad thing. John Chubb comments that the rise of citation analysis as reported by Lokman I. Meho (ibid. 29(1)32-36) takes no account of the practical value of published work as industrial applications do not leads to citations. A reply by Meho is included in which he points out that up to 15% of citations are from the grey literature.

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