Peer Review and Manuscript Management in Scientific Journals

Hames I. 2007. Peer Review and Manuscript Management in Scientific Journals. Blackwell Publishing Malden, MA, Oxford, and Carlton, Vic. in association with the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers, xii, 293 p.

ISBN 1 4051 3159 4 or 978 1 4051 3159 9

This is a handbook on how the process of peer reviewing and manuscript management should be carried out. After an Introduction its chapter headings are: The peer-review process – how to get going. Manuscript submission and initial checks on completeness and suitability. The full review process. The decision-making process for reviewed manuscripts. Moving to on-line submission and review. Reviewers – a precious resource. The obligations and responsibilities of the people involved in peer review. Misconduct in scientific research and publishing – what it is and how to deal with it.

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