B – Association Between Funding and Quality of Medical Research

Reed DA, Cook DA, Beckman TJ, Levine RB, Kern DE, Wright SM. Association Between Funding and Quality of Published Medical Education Research JAMA. 2007;298:1002-1009. .

Methodological shortcomings in medical education research are often attributed to insufficient funding. In a recent report on the advancement of scientific research in education, the National Academy of Science recommended that to promote research quality, education journals and federal funding agencies should identify reliable and valid metrics for scoring the quality of medical education research. As a Medical Education Research Study Quality Instrument, MERSQI was designed to measure the quality of experimental, quasi-experimental, and observational studies. This instrument was appplied to 13 peer review journals (analysing 210 articles). The results of a validity study of MERSQI and a cross sectional study using that instrument to identify association between fundings and study quality, showed a significant association between funding and research studies quality, as showed by the MERSQI, providing evidence to support the call to increase funding for medical research.