B – Open Access Publishing in High Energy Physics

Towards Open Access Publishing in High Energy Physics. Report of the SCOAP3 Working Party. CERN, Geneva 2007

High Energy Physics (HEP) pioneered OA through “repositories” containing
collections of “pre-prints” freely accessible on the Internet, but there still is a strong consensus in the scientific community about the need for high-quality journals that provide: quality control through the peer review process; a platform for the evaluation of scientists; a measure of the quality and productivity of research groups and institutes. Yet OA journals are expensive. In the present proposal, the publishers’ subscription income from multiple institutions is replaced by income from a single financial partner, the “Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics” (SCOAP3). It is a global network of funding agencies, research laboratories, and libraries. Each SCOAP3 partner will recover its contribution from the cancellation of its current journal subscriptions. This model avoids the obvious disadvantage of OA models in which authors are directly charged for the OA publication of their articles.