B – Journals to Print Author Names in Chinese, Japanese and Korean

[American Physical Society. 2008 [Heading in Chinese characters!]. APS News 17(2)1.

The APS journals now offer authors the option to include their names in either Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters following the name as it appears in Latin characters. The progam, announced in December, is offered to author by-lines throughout the Physical Review journals, including Physical Review Letters. The option offers advantages to these authors and to readers of the journal. Many names that are different when expressed in characters become the same when transliterated into English. Showing the characters after the transliterated name removes the ambiguity, and enables readers to know definitively whose work is whose. With time and experience additional languages may be offered. Instructions for authors on how to supply the proper Unicode characters at the time of submission are at http://authors.aps.org/names. html.


Posted for John Glen