B – Quality journals and gamesmanship in management studies

Macdonald S, Kam J. Aardvark et al.: quality journals and gamesmanship in management studies. Journal of Information Science 2007;33(6):702-717
doi: 10.1177/0165551507077419

This paper analyses the notion of ‘quality journal’, as the publication in so defined journals has become a major indicator of research performance in UK universities. The indicator, as often happens, has become the target, so the challenge is to publish in quality journals, and the challenge rewards gamesmanship. In the rush to win the game, publication as a means of communicating research findings for the public benefit, remains all but forgotten. Even if the paper analyses the situation in management studies, it underlines that the problem is much more widespread and concludes that laughter probably, on top of being the appropriate reaction to such farce, could also be a stimulus to reform.