Giustini D. Web 3.0 and medicine. BMJ 2007;335:1273-1274
doi: 10.1136/bmj.39428.494236.BE

Medical librarians believe that it is necessary to build better mechanisms for information retrieval, due to the current bulk of unorganised information “searchable” but not easely “findable” in web 2.0. That is why we need web 3.0, the new web, called the semanticweb. Information retrieval in web 3.0 should be based less on keywords than on intelligent ontological frameworks, such as Medline’s trusted MeSH vocabulary, or some other tool. Web 3.0 should help find information more effectively and cut through the information glut, creating also, through semantic technologies, new knowledge. It should hopefully bring order to the 21st century web in the same way that Dr John Shaw Billings’s Index Medicus brought order to medical research back in the 19th century.