B – Guidelines for Reporting Health Research

Simera I, Altman D G, Moher D, Schulz K F, Hoey J. Guidelines for Reporting Health Research: The EQUATOR Network’s Survey of Guideline Authors. PLoS Medicine, June 24, 2008

The survey carried out by the EQUATOR Network, a new initiative funded by the UK National Health Service, was aimed at coordinating the efforts of those developing good reporting guidelines across many areas of medical research, and at providing resources for training and for the promotion of guidelines. The poor reporting of a medical study’s methodology and findings can in fact lead to ineffective treatments, the waste of valuable health care resources and harm to patients. The survey found that financial support is needed to help promote guidelines once they have been developed. It also showed a need to harmonize the development of these different guidelines, that is they should all have a robust methodology to be widely accepted).