B – Bubble fusion scientist disciplined

Levi B G. Bubble fusion scientist disciplined. Physics Today 2008;61(11):28-30

Reports the results of a third investigation by Purdue Unuversity into alleged scientific misconduct by Rusi Taleyarkhan in connection with claims to have produced nuclear fusion in a tabletop experiment. The committee considered 12 allegations and found sufficient evidence to cite Taleyarkhan with research misconduct in two cases. The first concerned a paper originally submitted by one author, a postdoctoral fellow, of work in which Taleyarkhan had been involved, and to which he subsequently persuaded one of his master’s students to add his name as coauthor after referees’ criticism of the first submission. The second concerned a paper in which Taleyarkhan said his eariler results had been subsequently confirmed citing the previously mentioned paper. Taleyarkhan appealed the findings but the University’s appeal committee concluded that the committee had followed due process and had an evidentiary basis for its conclusions.

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