B – The future of science: building a better collective memory

Nielsen, Michael A. The future of science: building a better collective memory APS News 2008 17(10)8

Article discussing the relative failure of science to improve the long-term memory and short-term use of the internet to enhance science communication beyond that using conventional journals. Most attempts to create comment sites where scientists can share their opinions of scientific papers have failed, while the open scientific culture is struggling to succeed; top-down efforts such as open access may be boosted by the National Institutes of Health insisting that every paper they have supported with grants must eventually be made open access, while bottom-up attempts such as the physics preprint arXiv and the particle physics SIPRES-HIV are producing a small but genuine cultural change. The problem of collaboration with initially unknown collaborators is discussed; what is needed is a collaboration market that would ensure ethical behaviour by participants. A longer version of this article presented at the New Communication Channels for Biology workshop, San Diego, 26-7 July 2008, can be found at http://michaelnielsen.org/blog/?p=448.


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