N – BMJ: 10 years of free access

After 10 years of providing free access to its peer reviewed research online, the BMJ is officially an open access journal. In 1998 it started to provide free access to the full text of research articles; to deposit the full text in PubMed Central; and to allow authors to retain copyright. The BMJ Group has also announced the introduction of BMJ Unlocked (http://adc.bmj.com/info/unlocked.dtl), which allows authors who submit research to 19 specialist journals to pay a fee and make their work open access. For Archives of Diseases in Childhood it is £1700. (www.knowledgespeak.com/newsArchieveview.asp?intMonth=10&intYear=2008, 16 Oct 2008, “BMJ completes 10 years of offering open access content online”)