N – Google feels credit contraction

The internet search provider Google will close its scientific data service, Google Research Datasets, in January, before the product’s official launch. The experimental service was to offer scientists a way to store the terabytes of open source data that are generated in life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and other fields. A few weeks ago, the company’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, told the Wall Street Journal that Google would cut back on experimental projects. Research Datasets is its third project to be abandoned in the latter months of 2008, after the SearchMash search results test and the Lively virtual reality program.
(http://googlewatch.eweek.com/content/failure_to_launch/failure_to_launch_google_research_datasets.html, 19 Dec 2008, “Failure to launch: Google Research Datasets”)
See http://blogs.nature.com/news/thegreatbeyond/2008/12/google_pulls_out_of_science_da_1.html