N – International open access day

The 14 October was open access day 2008, with the goal “to broaden awareness and understanding of open access, including recent mandates and emerging policies, within the international higher education community and the general public.” The Open Access Directory compiled a wiki to help organise much of the world’s material (http://oad.simmons.edu/oadwiki/Main_Page). And Greg Laden wrote a poem for the day (http://scienceblogs.com/gregladen/2008/10/a_poem_for_open_access_day.php). The Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association announced their formation. And the organisers published six videos, from a teacher, librarian, funder, student, physician scientist, and a patient advocate on why open access matters (http://vimeo.com/oavideos). See http://openaccessday.org.