N – Professor charged with ghostwriting

A US inquiry has charged an Australian professor for being author of an article in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology that was sympathetic to a treatment after it was linked to cancer. The inquiry is investigating whether drug companies pay ghostwriters to favour their products. The professor stands by the article, and the drug company, Wyeth, denies paying authors and says that they have “substantive editorial control.” Elsevier will investigate the allegations. In December Senator Chuck Grassley alleged that Wyeth commissioned articles to promote its hormone replacement therapy and had them ghostwritten by a medical communications company. (www.knowledgespeak.com/newsArchieveviewdtl.asp?pickUpID=7381&pickUpBatch=1060#7381, 29 Dec 2008, “Australian professor charged in US enquiry on ghostwriting for medical journal”)
Thanks to Emma Campbell