B – At what age do biomedical scientists do their best work?

Falagas ME., Ierodiakonou V, Alexiou VGAt what age do biomedical scientists do their best work? The FASEB Journal 2008. published online August 27,2008
doi: 10.1096/fj.08-117606


Several human characteristics that influence scientific research performance, including set goals, mental and physical abilities, education, and experience, may vary considerably during the life cycle of scientists. Is high-quality research productivity is associated with investigator’s age? On the basis of a bibliometric analysis, Highly cited research productivity plotted a curve that peaked at the age group of 31–35 yr of age and then gradually decreased with advancing age. However, a considerable proportion of this highly cited research was produced by older scientists. In conclusion, high-quality scientific productivity in the biomedical fields as a function of investigator’s age plots an inverted U-shaped curve, in which significant decreases take place from around 40 yr of age and beyond.

Thanks to J.Hurtley