B – Economic implications of alternative scholarly publishing models

Houghton J, Rasmussen B, Sheehan P, Oppenheim C, Anne Morris, Creaser C, Greenwood H, Summers M, Gourlay A.Economic implications of alternative scholarly publishing models: Exploring the costs and benefits. JISC EI-ASPM Project. A report to the Joint Information Systems Committee. JISC 2009 (Document 510 Version 1.1)


Advances in information and communication technologies are disrupting traditional models of scholarly publishing, radically changing our capacity to reproduce, distribute, control, and publish information. The key question is whether there are new opportunities and new models for scholarly publishing that would better serve researchers and better communicate and disseminate research findings. This is a detailed report on the ongoing debate on the economics of scholarly publishing and alternative publishing models. It focuses mainly on costs, pointing at the most cost-effective system, that is not necessarily the cheapest. The report will help stakeholders understand the institutional, budgetary and wider economic implications of three of the major emerging models for scholarly publishing: i.e. subscription publishing, open access publishing and self-archiving.