B – Periodicals Price Survey 2010

Henderson K.S. and Bosch S. Seeking the new normal: periodicals price survey 2010. Library Journal. April 15, 2010

By the end of 2009 the library marketplace was in a weakened situation with prospects of a long recovery. Libraries may not see a “return to normal” once the economy improves. Evidence suggests instead a search for a “new normal,” one that requires varied approaches to services and collections. The delivery of information might become more important than ownership. Open access business models might become more attractive to avoid the costly venues of commercial publishers. Much of the data reported in the article outlines the issues that are shaping the journals marketplace. Some publishers froze 2010 prices at 2009 levels, others froze 2010 prices only for the elctronic format. Twenty-five percent of academic publishers reported 1% to 5% decline in orders, in particular in print ones; the already rapid move from print journals to online accelerated; the open access initiatives had only a modest effect on the publishing industry.