B – Bridging the divide between science and journalism

Van Eperen L, Marincola FM, Strohm J. Bridging the divide between science and journalism. Journal of Translational Medicine 2010;8:25
(doi: 10.1186/1479-5876-8-25)

It is important for scientists and journalists to bridge the communication divide that exists between them. Scientists should know how to communicate their latest findings through the appropriate channels. Reducing years of research into a headline can be extremely difficult and certainly doesn’t come naturally to every scientist. This article offers practical tips for any scientist looking to work with the media to communicate his findings. In doing so, scientists will not only be able to assist the public in making better informed decisions about their healthcare, but also personally benefit from increased funding, enhanced career opportunities and stimulate the “cross-fertilization” of their research and ideas across broad disciplines. A recent study showed that medical articles reported in The New England Journal of Medicine and then reported in The New York Times receive about 73 percent more citations than articles not reported in The New York Times.