B – Peer review should continue after publication

Liesegang TJ. Peer review should continue after publication. American Journal of Ophtalmology 2010;149 (3):359-60

Readers assume that articles published in peer-reviewed journals are scientifically valid, but there is sufficient evidence to the contrary. Most common errors in articles are methodological or study design ones. Journals are responsible for the integrity of peer-reviewed literature but many manuscripts are not reviewed by the best in the field. The International Committee of Journal Medical Editors (ICJME) agrees that editors should correct the literature by critical critique of the articles through correspondence and then by publishing corrections or retractions. Correspondence is needed to correct mistakes, and initiate a dialogue between reasearchers and clinicians. Then, publication should be the start of the peer-review process since many readers possess the critical skills to provide enhanced knowledge regarding the content and interpretation of studies and can detect faulty data.