B – Citations received by DOAJ’s journals

Saadat R, Shabani A. Investigating the citations received by journals of Directory of Open Access Journals from ISI Web of Science’s articles. International Journal of Information Science and Management 2011;9(1):57-74

This study investigated the citations received by DOAJ’s journals from the ISI Web of Science’s articles in the years 2003-2008. The main question was: are journals in DOAJ valid and can be cited? Journals were divided on the basis of the five ISI’s division of sciences and they were studied and compared accordingly. Findings showed that 10.87% journals received citations with an average number of citations per article of 6.45. Researchers cited OA journals in the field of Pure Sciences more than the other four fields, and the citations received by the journals in the two fields of Pure Sciences and Health & Medical Sciences is considerably more than the other three fields.