B – PrestigeRank: A new evaluation method for papers and journals

PrestigeRank: A new evaluation method for papers and journals
Su Cheng, Pan YunTao, Zhen YanNing, Ma Zheng, Yuan JunPeng,
Guo Hong, Yu ZhengLu, Ma CaiFeng,Wu YiShan

Journal of Informetrics 5 (2011) 1–13

The object of this study aims at finding a more exact method to determine the impact and value of papers’ citations and journals respectively. The authors compare the present system of PageRank algorithm vs and in comparison with the PrestigeRank which uses in addition a “virtual node” of calculation. PrestigeRank here is used to rank all papers in physics in the Chinese Scientific and Technology Papers and Citation Database (CSTPCD) published between 2004 and 2006. Whilst the actual system is based on “citation count” of papers and journals, it is pointed out that the level of the work itself published in a journal might not always be up to the standard of the journal itself, with the result of an incorrect evaluation. Equations and examples calculated on both systems show a more accuracy of the PrestigeRank’s algorithm; although (as specified by the authors) with several limitations, due to the lack of a more in-depth examination of the issues arised from the study itself.