B – Publishers’ opinion about open access

Fister B. The cash cow has left the room. What will it take for publishers to wake up to our reality? LibraryJournal Jan 13, 2011

This past yaer has seen some real progress on the open access front. Today nearly 6.000 titles appear in the Directory of Open Access Journals, more journals participate in PubMed Central and about 80 new open access mandate policies were passed. There will always be an increasing amount of scientific reasearch to publish and more research that scientists will have to consult. The author lists some publishers’ opinion about the present scenario. most of them still affirm that libraries are perfectly capable of providing their users with all the published research they might need. However invisible it is to publishers, the only way to create a sustainable future for knowledge is to make sure that the open access movement is a force to be reckoned with.