B – Writing a narrative biomedical review

Gasparyan AY, Ayvazyan L, Blackmore H et al. Writing a narrative biomedical review: considerations for authors, peer reviewers, and editors. Rheumatology International 2011 July 29 (doi: 10.1007/s00296-011-1999-3)

Writing and properly structuring a review article requires the author’s deep knowledge and expertise in a specific field of science. Each section of a review article has to be constructed based on widely accepted rules and relevance evidence. The aim of this review is to analyze the main steps in writing a narrative biomedical review and to consider points that may increase the chances of successful publication and future impact, such as those related to authorship, title, abstract and keywords, introductory notes, search methodology, conclusions, acknowledgments, references, and where to submit a review manuscript. These steps can also be applicable to editorials and commentaries.