B – A science editor about authors’ frustrations

An interesting interview with Prof. Allen Moore has just been published in Wiley-Blackwell Publishing News. He says: “Science is a weird profession. We seek rejection. Even when we get our work published, we are told what is wrong with it. It is important to remember that every time an author submits a paper they expect it to be published, not rejected. Criticism is fine, but it has to be tempered with an understanding of the frustration authors feel. This is why I think it is important that editors remain active scientists. I too have my papers rejected. I too get frustrated when journals sit on manuscripts without making a decision. I too get frustrated when editors simply seem to count positive and negative comments to make a decision on a paper. I’m on the side of the authors!” http://blogs.wiley.com/publishingnews/2012/07/02/your-starter-for-ten%E2%80%A6an-interview-with-professor-allen-moore-head-of-the-department-of-genetics-university-of-georgia-athens-usa-and-editor-of-ecology-and-evolution-a-new-open-access-jour/