B – Authorship problems in scholarly journals

Gasparyan AY, Ayvazyan L, Kitas GD. Authorship problems in scholarly journals: considerations for authors, peer reviewers and editors. Rheumatology International 2012 Nov 4 (Epub)
(doi: 10.1007/s00296-0’12-2582-2)

Authorship problems in scholarly journals are multifaceted. This article overviews common cases of inappropriate authorship (honorary, gift, guest and ghost) and suggests options to solve related problems by authors, reviewers and editors. It also discusses the contributorship criteria, still not well-validated. Many international associations are developing educational materials, guidelines and policy statements, incorporating authorship issues. It should be improved a global awareness of what constitutes authorship among authors authors, reviewers, editors and publishers, and the adherence to the editorial policies of learned associations and research institutions.