B – Selection of journals by A&I services

Scott-Lichter D. New journal selection by A&Is – still valuable after all these years. Learned Publishing 2012;25:245-246
(doi: 10.1087/20120401)

Well-established and carefully crafted abstracting and indexing (A&I) services are still very important to a new journal’s success. Publishers and A&Is have a synergistic relationship: publishers supply their content for indexing, while the A&Is index and distribute it. A critical part of the A&I enterprise is represented by the selection of journals for indexing. As with journals, A&Is have different offerings, strenghts and weaknesses. Starting from the author’s experience in getting a recently launched journal into A&I databases, some of them (PubMed/MEDLINE, Scopus, Web of Science) are described in this Editorial.