B – A reviewer index

Kachewar SG, Sankaye SB. Reviewer Index: a new proposal of rewarding the reviewer. Mens Sana Monographs 2013;11(1):274-284
(doi: 10.4103/0973-1229.109347)

Recognising and rewarding the role of the reviewer is vital. In this article the authors propose a novel idea of Reviewer Index (RI), Reviewer Index Directory (RID) and Global Reviewer Index Directory (GRID), which would strengthen science by focusing on the reviewer, as well as the author. They can be applied to all journals, irrespective of their specialty. By adopting this innovative Reviewer Centric Approach, a new breed of well-trained reviewers of high quality and sufficient quantity would be available for eternity. In addition, RI, RID and GRID would also enable grading and ethical rewarding of reviewers.