B – Benchmarking biomedical publications

Boissier MC. Benchmarking biomedical publications worldwide. Rheumatology52(9):1545-1546.                                                                                                           
(doi: 10.1093/rheumatology/ket181)
The volume of science as evaluated by the number of publications is increasing 10-fold every 50 years, and the number of scientific journals doubled every 13 years on average. This growth is driven in part by emerging countries such as China, India, Brazil, South Korea, Turkey and Taiwan. The global number of publications reflects the prominence of a country in the worldwide scientific landscape, which has obvious implications both for the development of worldwide strategies and for intellectual property issues. The ratio of the number of publications over the size of the population is an index of the scientific productivity of a community and can be used to benchmark countries in terms of what a group of researchers is actually accomplishing.