B – Gender disparities in science

Larivière V, Ni C, Gingras Y, et al. Global gender disparities in science. Nature 2013;504:211-213
(doi: 10.1038/504211a)

In this paper the authors present a cross-disciplinary bibliometric analysis of: the relationship between gender and research output; the extent of collaboration; and the scientific impact of published papers. They used the following parameters: authorship; co-authorship; and citations.
Their findings confirm that gender imbalances persist in research output worldwide. Globally, women accounted for fewer than 30% of fractionalized authorships of scientific papers; in terms of collaboration, women tended to be more “domestically oriented” (i.e., focused on within country collaborations) than men; and papers with women in prominent author positions received fewer citations (on average) than those with men in the same positions. The authors recommend programmes fostering international collaboration for female researchers.