B – Updated Good Publication Practice guideline GPP3

Battisti WP, Wager E, Bltzer L, et al. Good Publication Practice for communicating company-sponsored medical research: GPP3. Annals of Internal Medicine e-pub 11 August 2015
The updated Good Publication Practice (GPP) guideline, known as GPP3, builds on earlier versions (originally published in 2003 and updated in 2009 as GPP2) and provides recommendations for individuals and organizations that contribute to the publication of research results sponsored or supported by pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, and biotechnology companies. The recommendations are designed to help individuals and organizations maintain ethical and transparent publication practices and comply with legal and regulatory requirement. The new areas addressed in GPP3 include: guidance on the most recent ICMJE authorship criteria; common issues regarding authorship; improved clarity on author payment and reimbursement; clarification as to what constitutes ghost or guest authorship; the role and benefit of professional medical writers; and guidance for appropriate data sharing. EASE has publicly endorsed GPP3.