ESE 43(3) – August 2017

“If research was a transport business, we would be appalled by these data.
Half the goods carried would be badly designed, half lost in
shipping, and half of the remainder broken by the time they
arrived.” – Chalmers and Glasziou
(quoted in Rewarding systematic approaches to reducing research waste, Hilton, ESE 43.3)

The August issue of European Science Editing is published, and if you are an EASE member, should be in your hands as we speak. Members and journal subscribers can access all current journal content online now. For non subscribers, all articles become open for free access after six months of publication.

This issue of the journal features an original article by Quan-Hoang Vuong et. al., looking at academic productivity in Vietnam; a viewpoint from Moira Hudson, giving an author’s editor’s perspective on formatting manuscripts for journal submission; an essay on the role of editors in reducing waste in research by Rhiannon Howe; and in keeping with that theme, an Editorial from John Hilton on the rewards of a systematic approach to waste reduction in research.

The Editorial is open access, for all readers to download in full now